The Northern Lights.

Aurora Borealis is the phenomena that brings visitors to Abisko from all over the world in the darkest months of the year. What we call the Northern-lights season goes on between October and March. Fill your days with activities while you are waiting for the Aurora. In the evening – you follow the guide to the best spots. Please note that we only book activities for staying guests, please add your reservation number as reference when you make requests for activities.


Our programme for this season is changing depending on travel restrictions and other health recommendations. There is dogsledding, snow-mobiling, ice-fishing, Aurora Hunting in several different types of ways - all available from 13th December. Please mail us at to receive more info or to book activities.

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Aurora Hunting
1100 SEK/person

The minibus takes us to the spot for the evening that has the best conditions to see the Aurora. The trip can take us either towards the east and Kiruna for a colder, drier climate, or towards the west and the Norwegian coast. Several climate differences can make drastic changes to the weather just within the closer areas of Abisko. The knowledge of the guide will be invaluable.

Time: 8.30-11.30 pm

Northern Lights Hike
650 SEK/person

A hike into the wilderness around Abisko is a wonderful way to experience the northern lights. The guide takes you to Stornabben, a viewpoint with spectacular scenery in all directions. Walking up the slope, the guide tells you about the unique nature of Abisko. A warm fire will keep you warm waiting for the Aurora Borealis.

Time: 9.00-11.30 pm

Aurora phototour
1200 SEK/person

Join one of Lights over Laplands photographers to see and take photos of northern lights in Abisko National Park. Camera and tripod is included, but bring your own SD-memory card. You will never be more than 8 guests per guide, ensuring there will be plenty of time to get advice and help setting the camera right to catch the Aurora Borealis.

Time: 8.00-11.30 pm

Visit the Caves of Kåppas 740 SEK/person

The Koppashåla-caves in Björkliden is one of Sweden’s longest cave systems. This is something you should experience if you are in Abisko. The tour starts with a 2 km long hike and then you will continue down into the interesting caves. This is an exciting and adventurous activity that can be done in all types of weather.

3 hours.

Tornehamn – a historical walk
600 SEK/person

Visit Tornehamn and embark upon a historical walk. During the walk you will learn more about the place, the navvies and why this spot was considered one of the most important places in the area. The walk also takes you past the Navvy graveyard where some of the most influental and famous persons of the area are buried. At the same time you will enjoy spectacular views and beautiful scenery.

2-3 hours.

Hike in Abisko National Park from 605 SEK/person

Choose between a half or a full day hike in the National Park. The guide selects the best hike due to the group’s and the day’s conditions.
You start out in the low-grown birch forest that surrounds Abisko. As the day progresses you might break through the tree-line and end up above the trees in a more alpine environment.

Half day 3 hours, 605 SEK/person.

Full day 6 hours, 825 SEK/person.