Northern Lights.
Tours from 675 SEK

Northern Light tours.

We offer of course a number of tours where the main purpose is to catch the Aurora Borealis. Who says that you can’t combine this goal with other experiences at the same time?

All activities can be booked here:

Aurora Hunting
1150 SEK/person

The minibus takes us to the spot for the evening that has the best conditions to see the Aurora. The trip can take us either towards the east and Kiruna for a colder, drier climate, or towards the west and the Norwegian coast. Several climate differences can make drastic changes to the weather just within the closer areas of Abisko. The knowledge of the guide will be invaluable.

Time: Tuesdays and Sundays 8.30-11.30 pm

Northern Lights walk on Snowshoes.
675 SEK/person

A hike on snowshoes into the wilderness around Abisko is a wonderful way to experience the northern lights. The guide takes you to Stornabben, a viewpoint with spectacular scenery in all directions. Walking up the slope, the guide tells you about the unique nature of Abisko. A warm fire will keep you warm waiting for the Aurora Borealis.

Time: Mondays and Thursdays 9.00-11.30 pm

Snowmobile sledding under the Northern Light.
1145 SEK/person

You sit comfortably in blankets and reindeer skins in a sled driven by the snow-mobile guide. The guide brings you up into the mountains, where you, surrounded by darkness, hopefully gets a wonderful display of the Auroras. Hot beverages is included and don’t forget to bring your camera.

Time: Every day 8.30-11.30 pm

Aurora Phototour
1515 SEK/person

Join one of Lights over Laplands photographers to see and take photos of northern lights in Abisko National Park. Camera and tripod is included, but bring your own SD-memory card. You will never be more than 8 guests per guide, ensuring there will be plenty of time to get advice and help setting the camera right to catch the Aurora Borealis.

Time: 7.40-11.30 pm

Aurora Sky Station
from 1165 SEK/person

The transfer picks you up at the Abisko Mountain Lodge and takes you to the lift by the mountain Nuolja. In an open air chair-lift, you go up the mountain to the famous Aurora Sky Station. You can buy swedish fika or something else to drink up there. The ticket-price gives you the lift-ride, a guided tour and the transfer to and from the Sky station.

Night Visit: 1165 SEK/person – pick-up 8.40 pm

Exclusive dinner: 2550 SEK/person – pick-up 5.40 pm (also includes a 3 course set menu to be eaten up at the Aurora Sky Station)

To go back home – choose between three different departures back to the village: 10.45 pm, 00.15 or 01.00 am.