Activities with a guide

Would you be more comfortable with a guide? Do you have an idea for a more complex hike/climb? Check out parts of what we can offer. We can also tailor-make experiences just for you.


Hunt for grouse. Grab your shotgun and venture out directly from the Lodge for the willow grouse. Or – fly out with your rifle, higher up to find the more elusive ptarmigans. At dinner you compare your best hunting stories.


Endless possibilities. We have enough peaks around to make it last a life-time. From our home mountain Nuolja to Kärketjårro or Rombakstötta in Norway. Come join us for a hike with a guide perhaps even out of your own comfort zone.


Fly out, hike back to the Lodge. Perfect for those with less time or for those who just want to do something new. It also adds an extra dimenson to the area – the incredibly beautiful scenes you will experience.


Do you want to trek yourself tired? Hiking is the most popular activity during summer among the guests of the Lodge. Abisko Mountain Lodge is the prefect place to start or finish a longer trek, but also very good for staying put and make day-treks from. Just stretch your legs? Stornabben just behind the Lodge […]


Fly-fishing is like meditation, the more you are out by the water, the more you let go of every day worries. Unlimited amounts of different waters, both road-side and via helicopter if you prefer. Do you want to try fishing in the fjord? We can point you in the right direction.