Do you want to be :
pumped or swept away?

As to the question of whether happiness really is a state of mind, we would have to answer "yes". Skiing in the wilderness is somewhat addictive. It's that thing that happens when one of Europe's most skilful mountain guides points down the slope with his pole and, amused, gives you the command: "ski". From there on in, it's just you and the slope.

Osnö / Nosnow

Snowmobile tours is offered daily, some days for 2hrs and some for 4hrs. The snowmobile tours is arranged by Arctic Peak who has a lot of experience in snowmobiling.

The guide will take you on a real adventure where you get the opportunity to learn how to drive a snow mobile. You can choose if you want to manage the snow mobile by yourself or if you want to share it with a friend.

2 hr 10.00-12.00/ 14.00-16.00 1350 SEK (1 person/snowmobile 1890 SEK)

4 hr 09.00-13.00 1890 SEK (1 person/snowmobile 2400 SEK)