Do you want to be :
pumped or swept away?

As to the question of whether happiness really is a state of mind, we would have to answer "yes". Skiing in the wilderness is somewhat addictive. It's that thing that happens when one of Europe's most skilful mountain guides points down the slope with his pole and, amused, gives you the command: "ski". From there on in, it's just you and the slope.

Osnö / Nosnow

Time to Hike!

14th June - 20th Sept. Minimum 2 nights.

Price pp in Twin-bed room: 1025,- sek/night Brfst, Lunch-pack, Tonight's Dinner + Dessert & free Touring-advice.

To book the activities

Many of our guests at Abisko Mountain Lodge likes to fill up their days with activities. We can help you to find and book suitable activities for you. Read the subscriptions and let us know what you are interested in. If you want to book anything, contact us via e-mail. Please note that all of our activities are on request.

Please note that we can only book activities for staying guests. Since we don't arrange any activities by ourselves. If you are staying somewhere else in Abisko you can contact the tour operators directly.