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More Daytrips

Here we have collected even more activites for you to choose from – it’s going to be hard to not run out of time for all things you will want to try!

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Daytrip to the Icehotel

This activity is not running currently. We hope to get it going again soon.
Seize the opportunity to visit the world famous Icehotel once you are up here in Lapland. The journey begins with the busdriver picking you up at the Lodge. After an hours drive past lake Torneträsk and beautiful mountains, you reach your destination in Jukkasjärvi outside Kiruna. You receive your tickets and have the opportunity to join a guided tour of the Icehotel. Be fascinated by the amazing ice-suites and sculptures. There will be time for lunch and to have a drink in the “cool” icebar before heading back home to Abisko.


Daytrip to Narvik

This activity is not running currently due to the closed border. We hope to get it going again soon.
Narvik is the closest city on the Norwegian side and well worth a visit. The busdrive down lasts a bit over an hour and takes you through beautiful mountains and down into the spectacular fjord. You will make several photo stops along the way for the chance of good pictures. You visit the new and interesting WWII war muesum and have lunch at the Quality Hotel, both included in the tour. You will also have time to explore the city shortly on your own, before the bus take you back home to Abisko.


Experience Sami culture and reindeer

This activity is not running currently. We hope to get it going again soon.
This tour takes you to the Sami village of Rautas, a 45 minutes drive east of Abisko. You are given an insight into the traditional Sami culture. The reindeer are a large part of the Sami way of life, and this tour gives you the opportunity to see them up-close. You will also get the chance to have a quick try-out of what it feels like to sit on the sled pulled by the reindeers. The lunch is made traditional Sami-style and you will have the possiblity to take part in this preparation.