Go dogsledding.
Tours from 1800 SEK


To go by dogsled is a dream come true for many. It is such an amazing feeling to experience the power of the dogs, and the surprising silence of the surroundings once the dogs are running.
You will want to do it again and again!

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Dogsledding, shared sled
1800 SEK/person

This tour takes you as one of maximum four persons sharing a sled. The mushers is controlling the dogs and the sled. The team of dogs consists of 8-10 dogs per sled. With that many dogs the force of power is strong and it takes a true Musher to control the sled. You sit comfortably behind each other across the sled, and are given great opportunities to enjoy the beautiful scenery. We make one stop to warm ourselves on the fire and drink something hot. A tent-lavvo provides shelter on a windy day.

Time: Every day 09.30-12.00 am

Drive your own dogsled team
2500 SEK/person

This tour gives you the chance to try to become a Musher. After the instructions, you recieve your sled and dogs that you harness yourself. This type of sled is much smaller and easier to handle. You will quickly notice that it is all about working with your dogs as a team and help each other. You will come back having learnt a lot and having had a great and physical experience. This activity requires a very good stamina and balance.

Time: 08.45-11.00 am/1.45-3.00 pm

Not run every day, can only be booked on request