The word's out :
Abisko is where you log off

Just one look and you'll fall permanently and fanatically in love with the Swedish wilderness at the foot of the country's most breathtaking mountain range. Warning: Risk of achieving complete and utter relaxation. Avoid operating heavy machinery. This is how you’ll find yourself when staying at Sweden's first genuine mountain lodge. It's probably best not to spread the word about this gem of natural beauty too much. You know, keep it a bit hush-hush. But there's plenty of room for you.

Snö / Snow

Time to Hike!

14th June - 20th Sept. Minimum 2 nights.

Price pp in Twin-bed room: 1025,- sek/night Brfst, Lunch-pack, Tonight's Dinner + Dessert & free Touring-advice.

Experience a lost era. Abisko Mountain Lodge is a small hotel surrounded by cosy cabins that offers a relaxation only possible in a rustic setting. Guests can relive what it must have been like in one of those remote, last-outpost-of-civilisation alpine hotels.

Relax in the lobby with your laptop or perhaps with a drink in your hand.

The talk around the hotel is of skiing and climbing, dog sledding and the quality of the snow. There's at least one thing you'll have in common with your bar mates, or with anyone from around the world, really – you all like to warm your feet under hotel mascot, good friend and business partner, Zappa and Sotis the dogs.