Do you want to be :
pumped or swept away?

As to the question of whether happiness really is a state of mind, we would have to answer "yes". Skiing in the wilderness is somewhat addictive. It's that thing that happens when one of Europe's most skilful mountain guides points down the slope with his pole and, amused, gives you the command: "ski". From there on in, it's just you and the slope.

Osnö / Nosnow

Time to Hike!

14th June - 20th Sept. Minimum 2 nights.

Price pp in Twin-bed room: 1025,- sek/night Brfst, Lunch-pack, Tonight's Dinner + Dessert & free Touring-advice.

From the winter of 2016 we are cooperating with Heliski-guides Sweden and Mountain Guide Stefan Palm. Stefan has been flying in this region and the rest of the world for over 25 years and is very established as a world-wide leading heli-ski and mountain guide. Together with Stefan and his chief-pilot Tomas Rönnkvist we will be able to offer you a product that has the marks of the highest quality. Our own Dick Johansson will of course continue to fly with his private guests but will be using the same helicopters and pilots.

We are flying on pitch-time, which means that when the helicopter is standing on the ground with its engine running it does not cost anything for the guests. The taximeter is only running when we are actually flying.

For a full day of heli-skiing 2 hrs of pitch-time is usually needed. The customer decides in advance the approximate amount of time to be spent per day. The minimum is at least 1 full fly-hour per day.

Safety: I At AML, we always use UIAGM certified guides and trainee guides ( when skiing on glaciers. This is in line with the Swedish Consumer Agency's recommendations. Our safety package consists of an ABS backpack, Life-link shovel and probe, as well as Barryvox Pulse transceiver.

Safety: II Each guest will be familiarised with both avalanche safety equipment and helicopter safety.

Risk management is included as part of all of our activities, whether it be skiing, climbing or ice fishing. The guide takes weather and terrain into account, as well as the skill level of our guests, helicopter safety, avalanche risk assessments and so on. All off-piste skiing entails some risk, but at AML, we do everything in our power to keep the risk at an acceptable level.

First time/different areas. Our runs range from 500 to 1,400 vertical metres. Closest by lies what we call "the Abisko Alps", with runs from 500 to 800 vertical metres. Next is Kåtotjåkka, with runs up to 1,000 vertical metres. Nallo/Sielmatjåkka is the next area, with runs up to 1,400 vertical metres. Last but not least, we are also able to offer trips to Kebnekaise, with runs up to 1,100 vertical metres. We often also discover that little something extra on our trips – new runs and perhaps even new areas to ski.

Protecting the environment, reindeer herding and other outdoor activities. We also try to be as efficient as possible in terms of flight time between runs and logistics. We avoid Kebnekaise when the mountain lodge is open, for example. We don't land if we see that cross-country peak skiers are on their way to the same peak, either. We maintain close communication with nearby Sami communities in order to give the best possible consideration to reindeer herding.

Equipment. As already mentioned, we use ABS backpacks and Barryvox pulse transceivers. We recommend that guests who have their own avalanche backpacks (ABS or Snowpulse) take these with them. We partner with Dynastar and have a limited number of skis for testing.